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Unlock the Secrets of Property Selection by Vastu

Join Our Exclusive Workshop and Make Informed Property Decisions

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In this master class workshop we will cover

Informed Decision-Making

Gain a deeper understanding of Vastu Shastra principles, allowing property buyers to make informed decisions when selecting a property. Learn to assess properties based on Vastu guidelines to ensure alignment with personal and spiritual well-being.

Mitigation of Risks

Gain insights into potential risks associated with properties that do not comply with Vastu principles. By identifying and avoiding such properties, buyers can mitigate risks related to health, finances, and overall life satisfaction.

Enhanced Property Value

By selecting properties that adhere to Vastu principles, buyers can enhance the value of their investments. Properties designed with Vastu in mind tend to attract positive energy flow and harmony, contributing to long-term appreciation and desirability.

Empowered Property Selection

Gain the knowledge and confidence to select properties aligned with Vastu principles, empowering buyers to make choices that support their overall well-being and prosperity.

Improved Quality of Life

Properties selected based on Vastu principles promote a sense of peace, joy, and abundance in everyday life. Experience improved health, relationships, and overall well-being by residing in spaces that support positive energy flow and harmony.

Access to Expert Guidance

Benefit from expert guidance from a seasoned professional with specialized knowledge in Vastu, Architecture, and Urban Planning. Receive personalized advice and solutions tailored to individual needs, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling property-buying experience.


Presented by Rohit Khandelwal,
Vastu Architect at Aayatan Veda

Unlock the power of Vastu to infuse positive energy and harmony into your living spaces. With over 12 years of experience in Architecture and Urban Planning, specializing in Vastu, I offer personalized solutions tailored to your needs. Graduating from IIT Kharagpur, I've successfully consulted on 500+ projects, boasting a remarkable success rate of over 90%. Real people have experienced transformative results, and now it's your turn. Join me on this enchanting journey and experience the aroma of peace, joy, and abundance in your life.


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"I had the pleasure of working with Rohit for Vastu advice for my house. Rohit's professionalism and deep understanding of Vastu principles were evident from the start. He provided valuable insights and recommendations tailored to my specific needs, ensuring every aspect of the consultation was informative and beneficial. Thank you, Rohit, for your exceptional service!"

Ricca Athanasia, Indonesia

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