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Gifts of God and Gods as Gift

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

🌸Respected Loving Souls🌸*

💫Today in meditation time a vision struck to me that our life is beautiful gift and further there are many more gifts given by the Supreme to sustain it. However in today’s world we humans have gone far ahead and started creating *God as gift* and distributing amongst ourselves.

✨This brings distortion in our mental and physical space what to talk about spiritual space.

✨We struggle to understand where to place it and randomly place it unknowingly in unsupportive directions in our place of work and residence.

✨This affects not only to the person who receives the gift but also to the person who gives it and creates imbalance in other person‘s life.

✨Let us keep our faith and reverence intact by avoiding statues /symbols of gods and goddesses as gift.

Humble Pranam !!

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